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Apart from providing assistance to you and your family during a familial follow-up of your company, we can also offer assistance during a potential sale (or purchase) of your company.

Because we are specialised in the valuations and the execution of audits, we can offer you a total package concerning the acquisition or sale.

In the acquisition process we can distinguish the following steps:


Step 1 | Calculation of the value

The first step of the process concerns the calculation of the value of the company.

The goal of this valuation is to compare the offered price to an objective value.

Step 2 | Confidentiality declaration

Of course it is of the utmost importance that the interests of all parties involved are adequately protected.

Therefore, we draw up a confidentiality declaration to protect these interests as best as possible.

Step 3 | Contact making between buyer and seller

After the determination of the value, one has to look for a suitable buyer.

Due to the many contacts we have in the acquisition sector, we can bring you into contact with different parties.

Step 4 | Letter of Intent

The “Letter of Intent” broadly documents the main clauses of a possible agreement.

Once the Letter of Intent is signed, all parties involved declare that they commit themselves to further negotiations in order to conclude on a final agreement.

Step 5 | Agreement concerning the acquisition

As soon as one comes to an agreement concerning the value of the enterprise, we make contact with lawyers specialised in the matter of acquisitions.

The goal of these contacts is to ensure you that both buyer and seller are optimally protected.

Step 6 | Due Diligence

Another important step in the whole acquisition process is the execution of a due diligence, or a so-called acquisition-audit.

It is very important that this audit is executed thoroughly and carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Step 7 | Follow-up

The final step is the follow-up of the acquisition.

Of course, our task does not end after all these previous steps, as this follow-up is also of crucial importance to the acquisition-process.

Not only the administrative, but also the practical acquisition has to be followed-up closely, whereby other practical problems can arise.

Because of these possible practical problems, we insist on following up on the acquisition until it is completely finalised.

For more information concerning these acquisitions, you can always contact us for an appointment.

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