Due to our years of expertise, we are offered the possibility by several professional organisations to be present at seminars as guest-speaker. Since we treat various assignments at the office, we also have an extensive offer of subjects that we can talk about.

We are the proud partner of Accounting Academy, on this online platform you find different webinars regarding all kinds of practical daily problems.

  • New liquidation procedure
  • Company acquisition – organisation and practical points of interest
  • Company Valuation in practice
  • Choice of company form
  • Fiscal optimisation of the annual financial statement
  • Fusions and divisions in practice
  • Liquidation optimisation
  • Liquidation and liquidation bonus
  • Fraud & risk assessment
  • Basic principles of the ISA’s
  • The logic of the ISA’s
  • Fiscal optimisation year-end actions
  • Optimisation measures SME and liquidation bonus
  • From financial analysis to company valuation
  • Fiscal and juridical aspects of the goal, the foundation and the liquidation of companies
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the management company
  • Consolidation on SME level
  • Sustainability audit
  • Financial analysis for CFO’s

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